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The Qeynos Project

Tanriel Ortaur a posted Tue at 9:43

The march towards EQN's release continues on and recently we got a large piece of news, The Qeynos Project.  This is a huge step in the games construction.  Devs and players will be collaborating on creating some of the functional modules that could be seen in EQN.  The tower above is one of the devs theories on how it could look but this can easily change.


Veluux has posted up a write up article on it on EQHammer along with the Workshop youtube video.


Yotan was kind enough to post up a discussion article for this too!  Pop into it and give you throughts, ideas, and feelings on the new project.

A New Year came in which means new information and like many, Veluux has seen the ups and downs of 2014 involving both games in development.   With that being said Veluux explains to us what we as the player may look forward to in a New Year.

Anything from last year that still resonate with you?
Do you have hopes for this year's development?
In the progression of the two games, do you believe that they will change or add to the genres they encompass?

Presented by: JoshEiten

This week we get no luxury of Veluux talking about the new monsters and PvE added to Landmark.  So were doing this the odd fashion way.

While I have not personally been about to get into Landmark recently to enjoy the new found combat now that PVE is available of the Holiday month.   I like many others have watched or at least show be watching the recent Landmark Live videos.  While this video talked about the new monsters in the game.  Dave, Terry, and Colette also show off a bit of the combat when it comes to PvE.   Now for those of us who have dabbled in the PvP already know how combat works.   It is explain by the three that combat involves a combine between types of weapons, armor, and skills.   This provides a more customized combat style for players/characters.  

Have you dabbled in Landmark Combat?
Are you going PvP or PvE?
Do you think the Landmarks combat will translate/transfer to EQN well?
What are your impressions as a whole on the combat?
Anything that you believe needs to be worked/improved on?
What is your overall view opinion of the combat?

Happy New Year!

Yotan posted Dec 31, 14

Have a happy and safe New Year's.  For those old enough please ride responsibly, and drink plenty of water.

Presented by: 814200

Like Veluux many of us have high hopes for both Landmark and EQN with caves.  These caves many not seem like much it actually is a small buffet to what we get to look forward to when EQN is out at launch.  Now this does not mean that SOE can relax on this.  Oh no.  Like with all things there is always room for improvement.  Veluux gives us a small to-do list that would help improve the player's experience.

Have you been in the cave?
What has your experience been within them?
Did you fine the cave/cavern satisfying or where there areas that needs to be improved outside the list Veluux gave?

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