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So they are starting to fine tune out the crafting system.  Have you been using it?  Like the changes?  Hate them?  Feel the math is wrong?  Want to discuss string theory?  Chat it out!

Enjoy the new Landmark Live episode.

SOE is hosting a competition to build landmarks for Landmark.  The winning landmarks will be used in Beta and Live game as the hubs for the islands.  Click here for full official rules.  So get out there and stretch those building muscles and make your mark on Landmark!

Talk about the new EQN Round Table response here!

The Emerald Star guild is having an open RP event tonight at 8 pm EST!  Stop on down, have a drink, strike up a conversation, enjoy their lounge, or dance the night away!
Tanriel Ortaur Congrats on running a successful opening event! Look forward to more in the future.
Kuluuri Sorrell I just want to thank everyone who came out for our grand opening. And invite everyone back again now that we've officia ...
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