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Whistle While You Wait

Yotan posted 15 hours ago

"Patience is not the ability to wait but the ability to keep a good attitude while waiting.” ― Joyce Meyer

For many of us we wait with open hands and hungry minds for any and all information about EQN.  Veluux is feeling the same, the waiting or holding pattern.   So in kindness he proves us with several things to may ease the waiting.

What are you doing to pass the time?
Anything that your looking forward to then the obvious?
What plan are you ready to put in action?

While not EQN news, this is another major step towards EQN.  This update will include the move to Caves 2.0 (the journey to the center of the map begins), Monsters (PVE begins), and much more.  This is a sizable push towards completion of EQN as the barebones begins to grow meat for us to cut our teeth on.  EQHammer has done a write up on what to see.

So Veluxx talks about the potential of both Landmark and EQN in the article Making Words.  I, myself agree with the article as a whole.  Sure with developing games there is always pain, much like raising a child.  However their is even a large return on potential if done right and the right effort is put in.  

What do you think?
Do you prefer the pain?

Happy Thanksgiving!

Yotan posted Nov 27, 14
Presented by: deskridge

For all those here at EQN-RP to you.  Have a glorious and safe Thanksgiving.

Veluux dives deep into an explanation for Understanding the open development process on both Landmark and EQN.  After reading this article I can see and understand what Veluux means.   So many people do not understand that when you get early access to something.  That it is not early access to a complete game.  You are one of those lucky ones that are getting early access to aiding in the development of the game.   Your voice gets to be heard.   Sure you get the benefits of seeing the product as it is being creative, but also a chance to learn more about the game itself.

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